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Talend: what does "Component variable are used in the copied elements" mean?


On Talend Studio, you may get the message "Component variables are used in copied elements, do you want to rename them automatically?" when copying and pasting components. What does this message actually mean? The...

Linux command line: configure the 'Page up' key to auto-complete from the command history


On Ubuntu, here is a script that allows you to use the auto-completion of your command line from data already entered previously (therefore present in the history), by using the Page Up key. This functionality is...

Linux command line special characters


There are some Linux command line special characters that are not self-explanatory at first glance. It is important to understand them because these are key elements in handling the input and output of commands. In...

Bash scripting memo


A memo on useful commands to create a bash script.

Talend : bind variables in SQL query


Problem exposed. On Talend, there is no SQL component allowing to make a select query prepared with the binding of variables, as on dBeaver. It would indeed be interesting to be able to make a request as below, by...

Number of opened/openable files on Linux


On Linux as on Windows, there are thresholds fixing the number of files open simultaneously per process and for the whole system. Here are some commands to display them.

Allow geolocation in HTTP


If you develop a website locally, you do not necessarily use an SSL certificate. Unfortunately, this blocks certain features, such as geolocation. Here's how to work around the problem.

Talend: fix "Plugin X or one of its dependencies could not be resolved"


On Talend, you can have the following exception: "An error occurred (java.lang.Exception: [ERROR] Plugin X or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Cannot access central (https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/) in...

Talend: avoid modifying context variables during a job


On Talend software, on a job, it's possible to assign the value of a context variable, via a tJava, by writing for example: context.myVariable="abc";There is no error and most of the time it goes very well. Except...

Read and edit ePUB files

Various tips

An overview of some software on Windows to read and modify ePUB files.

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