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Open a JSON file on Windows

File tools

To open a JSON file and display its hierarchical tree structure, there are a plethora of websites. However, for convenience, privacy or filesize reasons, you may need to open a JSON file locally, without sending it...

Rename files by using regular expressions

File tools

File renaming utilities are numerous and generally offer search / replace strings, use of counters, change case... If this is useful in most cases, it's sometimes tedious when you have to insert a character at a...

Open a huge text file on Windows

File tools

It is sometimes useful to open very large files for viewing or editing, such as logs or file type data sources. Traditional editors do not manage files of several hundred MB and it is therefore necessary to focus on...

Extract audio track from MKV file

Audio tools

It may be interesting to recover the soundtrack in MP3 format from a MKV file of a concert or a show. Here is how to extract audio part from MKV file and get MP3 or AC3 file according to format contained in MKV...

Open a binary file on Windows

File tools

Here is a small list of free and comprehensive hexadecimal editors.

Cut a MKV movie without re-encoding

Video tools

MKV Cutter Several methods to split MKV file into multiple parts or delete part of MKV file.

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