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Open a binary file on Windows

Here is a small list of free and comprehensive hexadecimal editors.


HxD is available in 32 and 64 bit versions. It can open very large files, logical drives and RAM. Its functions:

  • File comparison
  • Viewing using different file encodings (Ansi, Dos, EBCDic ...)
  • Export data in different formats
  • Concatenation / Separation of files
  • Statistical analysis ...

The software is still maintained and is available here.


Frhed is a hexadecimal editor, allowing to open both files and logical disks. The software is available in Open Source on the site of SourceForge. Its main functions are:

  • An editable file size limit set by available system memory
  • Partial file loading
  • Export as hexdump to file or clipboard
  • Finding all combinations of text and binary values ??
  • File comparison

Note that there have been no versions since July 2009. The last one available: Frhed 1.6.0(251 Ko)


This is an older but still functional hex editor, the website presents an interface of another age but is still available. The software is in English and only allows opening files (limited to 2 GB). Its main functions are:

  • The cancellation of all the operations done
  • The presence of a script interpreter, allowing operations on a file.
  • Find / replace, count the number of occurrences, delete blocks, place bookmarks ...

The last version dates from 2012: xvi32.7z(442 Ko)


Reverse Engineers' Hex Editor, aka Rehex, is a recent hex editor, able to quickly open large files.

It offers in particular:

  • Comparison of the contents of two files, displaying them side by side.
  • A disassembler on the selected area, reevaluating the modified code in real time
  • Searching for character strings
  • Cancellation of operations done
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