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Fix error "Could not find or load main class" on Talend


On Talend, if you have the following error when starting a job "Could not find or load main class", you can try the following workaround to unblock the problem :

  • Open the .log file in workspace\metadata de Talend
  • Search an error at the end of the file
  • If it is like "Contains: Could not delete '..poms\jobs\process\target\classpath.jar'" :
    • Delete the blocking file, which can be blocked by Java.
    • If you can't because the file is in loaded, restart the computer or use a software likeLock Hunter.
  • If the error is like "java.lang.NullPointerException at org.talend.designer.core.utils.DesignerUtilities$1.run(DesignerUtilities.java:125)" :
    • Close Talend
    • Close all Java processes which could refer to the job
    • Restart Talend et try to execute the job
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