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On this website, you will find some of my texts translated from french:

  • several tips and scripts simplifying operations or correcting computer software problems
  • some thinking and strategy games
  • différents texts around computer science
  • my personal utilities as well as others that I appreciate

Latest utilities & scripts

Correct Talend when it's not using the right execution context


It may happen that Talend Open Studio does not use the correct execution context. Typically, you run it on the pre-production context, and the variables it uses are NULL or unexpected values. This can cause for...

Wait for the end of a process in a Batch file

Scripts Batch / VBS

In a batch process which calls an executable, you may need to prevent this executable from being launched more than once if the batch is restarted. It is then interesting to wait for the end of the process or to...

Reclaim disk space on an Ubuntu server


Commands to reduce disk space occupied by obsolete files

Compile pgModeler on Windows


pgModeler is an Open Source software allowing to model a database, that is to say to schematize everything related to the construction of a base (tables, fields, relations, constraints ...) and oriented towards the...

Embed and adjust subtitles in a MKV file


A technique for adding a subtitle file (SRT) to an MKV file and adjusting the subtitles to spoken text.

Latest texts and games

Pico-8 and fantasy consoles


Pico-8 is a fantasy console. Here is a brief overview of its features.

Download and organize Amstrad CPC ROMs


Interface de CPCGamesCD This article tells you where to find software on Amstrad CPC, shows how to organize them by genre, in an unique format, and propose to download an archive of ROMs.

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