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On this website, you will find some of my texts translated from french:

  • several tips and scripts simplifying operations or correcting computer software problems
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  • my personal utilities as well as others that I appreciate

Eric Quillévéré

Latest utilities & scripts

DLNA on Nas Synology: better quality for cover image

Various tips

The 'Multimedia Server' application present on the Synology NAS allows you to send a DLNA stream to the applications, in order to quickly browse the media files of the NAS (audio, images and video). For audio and...

WinSCP: faster SSH downloads


By using WinSCP, it is possible to download files from a server to its workstation more quickly, by first compressing them directly on the server. This functionality is available through scripts integrated into the...

Number of opened/openable files on Linux


On Linux as on Windows, there are thresholds fixing the number of files open simultaneously per process and for the whole system. Here are some commands to display them.

Talend: what does "Component variable are used in the copied elements" mean?


On Talend Studio, you may get the message "Component variables are used in copied elements, do you want to rename them automatically?" when copying and pasting components. What does this message actually mean? The...

Linux command line: configure the 'Page up' key to auto-complete from the command history


On Ubuntu, here is a script that allows you to use the auto-completion of your command line from data already entered previously (therefore present in the history), by using the Page Up key. This functionality is...

Latest texts and games

Choose a URL for a multilingual site

Various texts

When creating a website in multiple languages, the question of how to specify the language in the URL arises at one point. For the French version of a website, the choice will often be made between:...

Pico-8 and fantasy consoles


Pico-8 is a fantasy console. Here is a brief overview of its features.

Download and organize Amstrad CPC ROMs


Interface de CPCGamesCD This article tells you where to find software on Amstrad CPC, shows how to organize them by genre, in an unique format, and propose to download an archive of ROMs.

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